Borderless Network is a Dutch network of knowledge institutes in the agricultural sector with a focus on international collaboration. Our goal is to deliver people with the right international green knowledge and skills to continue our lead position in agriculture.

What is a country group?

What is a country group?

The purpose of the country groups is to strengthen the position of Dutch green education in the concerned country by better coordination, cooperation and the use of opportunities in these countries. Opportunities can be projects and programs from institutions, companies, governments in the countries concerned, or projects and programs supported from the Netherlands or other donors.

Country groups have been set up as a response by the request of government and industry who wish to gain better access to international activities for the active green education institutes. The country groups can be seen as an instrument through which a number of issues can be addressed:

  1. Provide and exchange of information concerning Dutch supply and local demand via and with embassies
  2. What are the education & skills training opportunities in the country concerned?
  3. Mutual cooperation in response to demand from parties within the country concerned.
  4. Participation in and preparation of (incoming and outgoing) missions


Our members are representatives of green education institutes who are interested in working together on concrete challenges in the country concerned. The institutes vary in level: from pre-vocational education (VMBO), secondary vocational education (MBO) and higher vocational education (HBO, or University of Applied Science), to scientific education (University). This ensures that the education and innovation go hand in hand. In addition to educational institutes, representatives of the ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and Foreign Affairs and others parties such as Nuffic and RVO also participate in the meetings. The composition varies according to the agenda of the meeting or the opportunity to be addressed.