Borderless Network is a Dutch network of knowledge institutes in the agricultural sector with a focus on international collaboration. Our goal is to deliver people with the right international green knowledge and skills to continue our lead position in agriculture.

Collaboration education and business

There are two prominent actions and ambitions within this theme:

  1. To establish collaboration between business and education in specific countries (in so-called country groups), to strengthen the position of Dutch green education in these countries, and to create projects (with spin-off).
  2. To create a system for an innovative way of transferring knowledge to a large variety of groups

Action 1

In response to the government’s request for better access to green education, so-called ‘country group’s have been developed for all green education institutions. The purpose of the country groups is to strengthen the position of Dutch green education in the country concerned by better coordination, cooperation and the use of opportunities in these countries (see page country groups).

It appears that country groups also lead to sector-specific projects, often stimulated by the embassies, with a prominent role of EZ’s agricultural councils or the food security specialists of BZ. The strengthening and professional support of these country tables is an important tool within this action line and will lead relatively easily to concrete projects and gaining additional funding. In this way, the investments in this theme will work as a financial multiplier.

The ambition is seeking to create a cooperation between business and education within these country groups which should lead to concrete collaborative projects. We want to increase the impact of the country groups and sector platforms in a particular country, and work with smart collaborations through public-private cooperation.

Action 2

Worldwide, there is a huge demand for safe food which will only continue to grow in the future. There is thus the need to set up a model that shows us scaling-up outreach from several initiatives. Additionally, in the Netherlands, we also see a need to improve education in a modern, high-quality way.
Combining these two needs created the idea of establishing an integrated digital platform that offers multiple digital support materials from various parties (both education and business). This creates an innovative system for transferring knowledge on a larger scale.

We will create a blended learning system, which combines distance learning, the combination of practice and graduation assignments and practical skills training. The aim is to combine and link multiple existing online initiatives, develop missing parts, and integrate everything into a central digital platform.

This initiative is helping us work towards the goal of ‘Internationalisation’, which is part of our ‘Dutch green education development agenda’. Borderless Network is a leading partner in the development of Internationalisation and its relative themed initiatives.