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December 21nd, 2017

Study of opportunities / bottlenecks for blended learning in international trajectories

In addition to increasing attention to food quality, the global demand for food is also rising. As such, food production must find new ways to produce in greater quantity to meet these demands. Particularly in places where food shortages are greatest, attention must be paid in finding different approaches between production in the countryside and feeding the city. This leads to a number of international assignments – also for the (green) research & education field. The need arises to set up a flexible model that achieves ‘scaling-up outreach’ of several international (capacity building) initiatives in the field of food security which also match a local situation unique to that country. New forms of online knowledge transfer can be a means to achieve this broader impact.

Based on this idea, an exploratory study was carried out by an external consultant into the desirability, the possibilities, and the preconditions for the further development of an internationally oriented and integrated digital learning and development platform that explores good, widely applicable approaches with accompanying support, ICT technologies.

The findings of this study were presented to interested organisations on Monday, December 11th at Aeres Hogeschool Almere.

For more information, please contact Vera Musch

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