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December 21nd, 2017

State of affairs Orange Knowledge Program

The Knowledge Development Program (KOP), funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and managed by Nuffic has undergone a name change; Orange Knowledge Program (OKP). This new program presented it’s mandates on November 2nd during ‘The Dutch Knowledge Development Partner Day’. These mandates were discussed in various workshops with the knowledge field. The proceeds of the day are included in the following report: (

Additionally, Nuffic organized a number of other consultations with stakeholders in October and November 2017, including BZ, EZ / RVO, the Borderless Network (country groups), NWP and the knowledge platforms. The embassies in the OKP countries have also been consulted. On the basis of this initial inventory, country visits have been organized for the strategic interpretation and focus of the program, thematically, by country / region. This broad inventory forms part of the so-called inception phase of OKP, in which, among other things, the Theory of Change, the subsidy policy framework and the integrated alumni policy have been elaborated. The inception phase will be completed by the end of February 2018.

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