Borderless Network is a Dutch network of knowledge institutes in the agricultural sector with a focus on international collaboration. Our goal is to deliver people with the right international green knowledge and skills to continue our lead position in agriculture.

December 21nd, 2017

Short news

  • Action line Internationalization of the development agenda has started completely. Multiple projects and pilots have started. Government, companies and educational institutions have been working together on challenges and opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • The first explorations on the creation of an international internship database have commenced: The network is being mapped and the possibilities to digitize the internship database have been investigated. In this database, companies can present themselves and send internship assignments to students via digital matchmaking.
  • Four of the eight previously eligible knowledge vouchers have now been awarded. Trade and knowledge missions and exploration of possible projects in the countries of Indonesia, Romania, South Africa and Vietnam.
  • All representatives of the country groups China, South Africa, India, Ethiopia and Myanmar met at a large gathering. Together they have been able to present a proposal to the Orange Knowledge Program, which focused on the choice of preferred countries and themes that play a role in these countries.
  • Capacity building. Forming a reinforced green education coalition is a prerequisite for being able to play a role in the new capacity building program. Directors of green education have organized this mandate and have ensured that they can act as a solid organisation.
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