Borderless Network is a Dutch network of knowledge institutes in the agricultural sector with a focus on international collaboration. Our goal is to deliver people with the right international green knowledge and skills to continue our lead position in agriculture.

October 10nd, 2018 GROENPACT DELEGATIE TE BRUSSEL : Strategische consolidatie in een Europese context

  Aftermovie  18 en 19 September 2018, bracht Borderless Network als onderdeel van Groenpact met 35 partners een bezoek aan Brussel, een 24-uurs sessie. Belangrijke doelen daarbij waren: kennisdeling, het verkenning en verdiepen in het Europese strategische speelveld, het bekend worden met Brusselse actoren, verdiepen in actuele Europese (groene) thematieken, zicht krijgen op de huidige […]

July 23nd, 2018 Myanmar Agricultural Institute Newly Opened ICT Modern Classroom

Myanmar Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, H.E. Dr. Aung Thu together with representatives from the Netherlands Organization for Cooperation in Higher Education (EP-NUFFIC) made an official opening of the ICT Modern Classroom at Pyinmana Agricultural Institute on 28 June 2018. A 4-year NICHE project ‘Strengthening of Vocational Education and Training for Food Security’ […]

July 23nd, 2018 *Dutch* Workshop internationalisering op docentendag ‘Innovatie van het onderwijs’

Ruim 70 docenten uit het hele land kwamen vrijdag 22 juni naar Aeres Hogeschool in Wageningen voor de docentendag ‘Innovatie van het onderwijs’, die was georganiseerd door GroenPact. Er waren docenten van het vmbo-, mbo- en hbo-groen aanwezig. Zij kregen een aantrekkelijk inhoudelijk programma aangeboden. Daarnaast was er volop ruimte om ervaringen en kennis te […]

July 3nd, 2018 Dutch knowledge system

Click here for a schematic representation of the Dutch knowledge system, made by Nuffic. Click here for a document which provides information about the education system of the Netherlands. It also includes the Dutch comparison of qualifications obtained in the Netherlands. Click here for a document about the Dutch vocational education and training (MBO).  

May 25nd, 2018 *Dutch* Uitnodiging docentendag “Innovatie van het Onderwijs”

Beste docent, Iedere sector innoveert voortdurend en dat vraagt van het groene onderwijs om mee te bewegen! Op 22 juni komen alle docenten die in zichzelf willen blijven investeren alsook willen bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van het onderwijs in de toekomst, bijeen tijdens de docentendag “Innovatie van het onderwijs”. Waarom innovatie van het onderwijs? Binnen […]

May 22nd, 2018 *Dutch* “Investeren in Perspectief”

Lees het rapport hier: Mooi dat beleidsbrief BHOS het belang van inzet op gebied van voedsel & landbouw onderstreept en zegt dat Nederland moet blijven investeren in kennis & innovatie en zich daarop internationaal moet blijven positioneren als aantrekkelijke partner #BuHaOS — F&BKnowledgePlatform (@foodplatform) May 18, 2018

April 26nd, 2018 Help contribute the development of MBO education

Cedefop asks education and the business community to contribute to the development of MBO education. Make your contribution by filling in the questionnaire via the link below:      

April 6nd, 2018 Launch website Borderless Network and GroenPact

The website of Borderless Network was launched on 29 March. On the website you can read more about the Dutch network of knowledge institutes in the agricultural sector with a focus on international collaboration. Research and education institutes have joined their forces to further strengthen the green knowledge and innovation system in the Netherlands. Our […]

April 6nd, 2018 Fact-finding mission Iran under the direction of Director International Business, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Are you interested in the possibilities that Iran has to offer in the area of ​​knowledge cooperation? Then join the fact finding mission from 25 to 27 June, under the direction of Director International Business, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For whom? The program of the mission places a substantive emphasis on knowledge institutions from the […]

December 21nd, 2017 Short news Short news

Action line Internationalization of the development agenda has started completely. Multiple projects and pilots have started. Government, companies and educational institutions have been working together on challenges and opportunities for growth and improvement. The first explorations on the creation of an international internship database have commenced: The network is being mapped and the possibilities to […]

December 21nd, 2017 Study of opportunities / bottlenecks for blended learning in international trajectories Study of opportunities / bottlenecks for blended learning in international trajectories

In addition to increasing attention to food quality, the global demand for food is also rising. As such, food production must find new ways to produce in greater quantity to meet these demands. Particularly in places where food shortages are greatest, attention must be paid in finding different approaches between production in the countryside and […]

December 21nd, 2017 New Borderless Network country groups started…. New Borderless Network country groups started….

The purpose of the BN country groups is to strengthen the positioning of Dutch green education in the country concerned, through better coordination, cooperation and use of opportunities that arise in the country. These opportunities include various projects and programs of the institutions, companies, governments in the countries concerned or projects and programs supported by […]

December 21nd, 2017 State of affairs Orange Knowledge Program State of affairs Orange Knowledge Program

The Knowledge Development Program (KOP), funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and managed by Nuffic has undergone a name change; Orange Knowledge Program (OKP). This new program presented it’s mandates on November 2nd during ‘The Dutch Knowledge Development Partner Day’. These mandates were discussed in various workshops with the knowledge field. The proceeds of the […]

December 21nd, 2017 AOC and Europe AOC and Europe

Continuous and strengthened cooperation in Europe on involved themes; Learning from each other and developing together – These are the ambitions of the AOC and the motivation for starting a project that aims to strengthen cooperation. In various meetings with administrators and internationalization coordinators, it was established that the core of our mandate is to […]

December 21nd, 2017 Green Education Column and Europe Green Education Column and Europe

As Green Education Column directors, we have been working together to strengthen our position in Europe. Collaboratively, a project has been started to profile ourselves as the leading Green Knowledge organisation in the Netherlands. These steps mainly concern the knowledge development contribution regarding grand societal challenges. We expect to exert an influence on policy, but […]