Borderless Network is a Dutch network of knowledge institutes in the agricultural sector with a focus on international collaboration. Our goal is to deliver people with the right international green knowledge and skills to continue our lead position in agriculture.


Ambition country table

  • Offering Agro & Food knowledge and expertise to partners in India or Dutch partners who are active in India or want to become active;
  • Functioning as a one-stop shop in which all Agro & Food domains and all educational levels are represented. Companies and governments can leave (international) issues here and seek the platform for partners who can offer solutions;
  • Cooperation platform of Dutch agricultural education (MBO, HBO, WO) with the aim of jointly acquiring and implementing projects;
  • Carrying out education and applied research projects in collaboration with Indian partners and / or Dutch business.

Concrete ambition 2018

  • Develop into a platform that can react decisively to questions from education, business and government;
  • Marketing the typical Dutch educational approach: practice-oriented education and research, multi-disciplinary, close collaboration with industry, chain approach, focused on problem solving;
  • Development of a curriculum in collaboration with Indian universities, which focuses on improving the competences of agricultural extension workers in India. Such a curriculum could later be rolled out across India;
  • Bring together existing digital learning resources – and develop them where necessary – to promote Dutch knowledge exports to India via E-learning.

Achieved results 2017

  • Strengthened contacts with Dutch embassy in Delhi, RVO, EZ (now LNV);
  • Information material developed;
  • Participation in World Food India and there Borderless Network presented to authorities of several states and different universities;
  • Made an appointment to register as a Borderless Network on the RVO-call for training of advisers and farmers in Baramati, Maharashtra;
  • Voucher awarded (Jan 2018)

Main activities 2017

  • Various meetings of the country table to determine the course, make arrangements on how to work together, discuss opportunities for projects (NAHEP, voucher, RVO call, pilot business case), determine how BN can be promoted in India;
  • Two visits to India on behalf of the country table (February and November 2017) to introduce BN and explore possibilities for cooperation. A number of partners of the country table also made individual visits to India, where they also introduced BN;
  • Visit World Food India (November 2017) with 4 Dutch education partners (Lentiz, VHL, HAS, WUR);
  • Voucher submitted aimed at creating opportunities on the Indian education market.

Main activities 2018

  • Develop a business case for Dutch educational activities in India;
  • Identifying (Dutch) companies in India who want to cooperate with NL agricultural education;
  • Identify Indian educational institution (s) that want to work with NL agricultural education to make the practice-oriented education of agricultural education more practical;
  • Development of a basic curriculum in cooperation with Indian education and industry to make agricultural education more practice-oriented;
  • Inventory of available digital learning materials – and where necessary develop – and use them in educational projects. Searching for subsidy opportunities to achieve the above.
Contact person


HAS, Gert-Jan Duives


Wellant College, Gerrit van Dieren

Lentiz Onderwijsgroep, Prekash Ramsingh

Groenhorst College/Aeres, Harm Holleman

Nordwin College, Fons Michielsen

Van Hall Larenstein, Ingrid de Vries

Wageningen UR, Arjo Rothuis

Ministerie LNV, Vera Musch,