Borderless Network is a Dutch network of knowledge institutes in the agricultural sector with a focus on international collaboration. Our goal is to deliver people with the right international green knowledge and skills to continue our lead position in agriculture.

South Africa

Ambition country table

  • Collaborating on a common goal highlighted in the “Ambition 2018” item;
  • Continue own projects and, where necessary, seek connection with partners at the country table.

Concrete ambition 2018

  • Attempting to apply for a program through the OKP “capacity building” program. With this we can make a start.
  • Grant application ZA for the initiation of a training center. (We have already learned that there are subsidies for that.);
  • Continue to work on contacts and plans as a consortium.

Achieved results 2017

Continue to work on the idea for building 3 training centers: Horti, Pigs or Poultry and Dairy.

Short summary needs ZA (According to Carin Vijfhuizen report and experiences):

  • Gap in TVET education;
  • Perhaps to certify internally;
  • Making universities more practical, with attention for innovations;
  • Link business primary and Periphery (on site and NL business).

This brought us to a concept called “Agri training park”. We now also know that NL industry finds it interesting. Showing products but also supporting training is interesting. Through an independent training park, a “safe” environment could be created where lecturers and students can share knowledge, business can be trained and can train, etc. The centers will function as a satellite for TVET and Universities to work together on programs on continuous learning lines and the embedding of the wishes of the business community.

In the Voucher mission we speak with all stakeholders. During the first 2 days, the delegation will hold discussions with the embassy and regional authorities. On day 3,4, the delegation will split into Horti (towards Western Cape) and Animal Husbandry (KZN). During these days talks with TVET / training companies, universities and sector specific companies.

We process the result in a report and with that the approach path for cooperation is clear.

Main activities 2017

The country table was created because the agricultural council in South Africa asked a consultant to visualize the problems in the field of education in the green sector. The table prepared the mission of Carin Vijfhuizen and evaluated the report.

From that report the mismatch clearly emerged between current education offerings and wishes for business and unemployed outflow. Based on the analysis, we have made a plan of action. In that plan, we also looked at our own capacity and wishes and, in particular, taken into account how we are going to build a sustainable relationship.

We have summarized this plan of action in a film. This film was sent to round tables in South Africa and we participated in 4 round tables. Sometimes physically sometimes via Skype. With this we have been able to assess whether the plans fit within the wishes and opportunities from South Africa.

  • Mission 1: Show Keijsers and Tamara Verhoeven; Round table May 2017 “Education Round Table”.
  • Round table 2: Online, “Round Table Center of excellence Elzenburg”
  • Mission 2: Harm Holleman and Frits Veltkamp, ​​Durban Round table Livestock and Round table Agriculture “City of Life” event Dutch embassy.

Voucher has been requested to travel to South Africa in February 2018 with 4 people.

Main activities 2018

The country table will meet 4 times.

Contact person


Aeres, Harm Holleman


Aeres, Wil Bekkering

Lentiz, Frits Veltkamp

HAS Den Bosch: Tamara Verhoeven

HAS Den Bosch: Toon Keijsers

HAS Den Bosch: Frederike Praasterink

Helicon: Karin Elferink

Wageningen UR: Marlene Roefs

Ministerie LNV: Vera Musch

EP-Nuffic: Rosa Borgers

EP-Nuffic: Mervin Bakker

Landbouwraad: Jack Vera